dunnhumby is seeking a Venture Associate who likes to be loved, and loves to be liked.

  • Instinctually adept, financially sound, analytically neophytical (not to be confused with necrophylical)
  • Hunts on the savannah of startups, with email, Twitter and LinkedIn as weapons.
  • Vita-Mix 5,000s lunchmeat to slurp calories while taking phone calls.
  • Drives shockingly fast, but always uses turn signals.
  • Likes to gamble, loves to raise.  Can’t bluff for shit.
  • Lists, catalogs, inventories, registers, records, itemizes.  And, again.
  • Is.  Not.  Annoying. 
  • Does. Not. Have. Halitosis.
  • Why are you reading this right now and not out meeting people?   

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